I am 42. And honestly I would prefer to  say 24. I will be honest, aging is sometimes painful. Confusing. I feel like shit sometimes, in the morning, when I cannot be so matinal as I was 10 years ago. I still wakeup early, but I am doing all the things slower. In my 30s, I was able to wake up at 6:30 AM, to put my makeup and be ready to work at 7:50 in my office.

Meanwhile, people told me that is in fact aging. You do things slower. Sometimes you feel some pain. Sometimes you don’t care. But you still feel. You are transforming. If you did certain things at 30, now you will do something else. It is not about quitting, is about changing.

I am entering somehow in a shop, a young man is opening the door for me and I still hope he did this because I am somehow nice looking, not old.

I look now in the mirror. This mirror is still my friend, because I can see something that I can improve a little bit before other people are seeing it. I use less make-up, but smarter. I exaggerate with moisturizers, but guess what, now I really see their effect.

I still buy condoms. Which is strange, because now I really don’t even think to become a mother and wouldn’t be healthy, I think more to get prepared to be a good grand-mother. But guess what, aging does not mean less sexual emotion, not at all, I even discover things about me who make me really happy. I discovered now, in my 40’s the sense of intimacy, privacy, how to enjoy those moments who are just yours.

The Mature Beauty is not only a name of this blog. Is not a marketing thing. It is what I live now. I never was so sure about my beauty as human being as I am today. I never was feeling so much meaning of this beauty as I feel today. When I was 20 and something, beauty was all the time a fear in my head, something so much related with legs and boobs, nice hair, some pression to have them perfect and sexy. I wanted to be beautiful for others. It was the first time in my life, around 39 years old, when I felt I only want to be beautiful for me. And from that moment I grew this feeling. Now it is in fact my way of thinking.

The Mature Beauty will mean to really enjoy the beauty we have already, not the beauty we think we should have. Of course I could have more beautiful hair or legs, but… look what I do have now? Why not to enjoy and embrace this? I would dare to suggest to look into a mirror and to embrace what you are now, to discover the beauty that you have and just enjoy it. Go intimate with you, with your beauty.