Tell me when you had your last date? Hm, was it really the last? Or the most recent? Doesn’t matter. How have you felt? Do you remember that emotion? Those hours of preparation? 

Now let’s have a date with your body? How do you feel? Anxious? Curious? How often did you take some time just to see your body in a big mirror or touch it slowly and observe it?

You see your face everyday. In the morning you wash your face, brush your teeth, you put on some moisturizer, you get dressed, you take a short look in the mirror and off you go.

Step 1: Get naked. Come on, it’s just you.

Step 2: Use a big mirror and a small one, you have some areas that you cannot see in the big mirror.

Step 3: Stand in the front of the mirror… say Hi!, it is you there. The date has started.

Step 4: Look at your shoulders, breasts, stomach, arms, legs. Look at your toes. Then turn around and with the help of the small mirror try to capture some image from your back, your but. With the small mirror, you can see also your intimate parts. Come on, they are yours, you have to meet them once in a while. Check the skin there, the hair that is growing there. Oh, you think is disgusting? Now, darling, it is your body, it is your energy there, it is still you there 100%. Check your perineum area, it is so important for your feminine health. You can discover that you lost some firmness there, maybe some white hair grows in places you never thought you will see it grow.

Step 5: Enjoy this date, caress your skin, admire it, say thank you to your body, chest, legs, anus for still being healthy. It is about the most pleasant date and you can end this with as much love as you want.

That’s it! Repeat it at least once every 2 weeks. Now seriously a mature woman has to know her body better than her doctor, know and notice the visible changes.