You probably don’t say this very often, but you surely feel it. And do you know why? Because you keep the same leverage of your power and you forgot to adapt it to your new rhythm. Yes, I know, it seems that short time ago you were able to do hundred things in 10 minutes, now you need 10 minutes just to get ready to do them.

What to do?

Maybe a stupid answer: rest for a while. It is not the end of the world. Just take a break, a real one, just breathe, eat something healthy and ignore everything else except for what your body is telling you. 

You did so much analysis for the others, your family, your kids, your collaborators. Maybe now it is your moment to analyze what you do. Maybe you do too much. Learn to say No to some things and don’t do them. Are you afraid that you’ll lose power or money? Maybe you will, but you will not lose yourself. You are in fact what you really have.

Watch a movie! Eat a banana! Make a smoothie just for you and don’t clean immediately the blender. Just lay in your bed. Come on, you want to escape a day from your life! Now it is the moment.