Wrinkles are a sign that your skin is alive, that your emotions are strong and that you still are sexy.

Let’s learn a little bit about these wrinkles. They are a sign of losing firmness of your skin; the collagen fibers started to brake a little bit because you laughed, you cried, sometimes you smoked more than you thought and because you simply went too emotional. They are placed in the dermis, the second level of your skin, right under your epidermis. Guess what, all the creams and serums on which you spent a lot of money didn’t succeed to stop all of this. Yes, you look prettier with them, but they cannot make wrinkles disappear.

Your wrinkles can show in fact the architecture of your face. Now you can see what your ,,designer” sketch was. 

Your wrinkles are like an enhancement of all your emotions.

Imagine that every smile was like a red line on a white textile. You washed it, you conditioned that textile many times, but at a certain moment that red line left a small shadow there.

There is no moment to stop your skin routine, but you can improve it and play more as you please. 

Enjoy what you are applying on your face. 

Think less about Retinol, but enjoy a nice facial massage.

Drink water slowly. It is so important to get hydration from inside. Apply daily a moisturizer and complete this hydrating process.

Coming back to Retinol, oh, yes, use it wisely and protect your skin with SPF.