There is a virus outside…

Those are my thoughts. Those are my fears, Those are your fears as well.
You know what I thought these days? That all media is talking about these old people dying because of corona virus and … that’s it, it a virus dangerously mainly for old people, so in the end we should not become paranoiac.

Do you ever thought that a 60 years old woman just began to feel happy?

Maybe she had in her mature age her first real love. Maybe she was waiting to see her children big enough and she dared to live now her desires? Maybe she can now go for the first time in a vacation with a friend without feeling guilty to leave her children at home with the grand parents.

I also think to those women all alone these days. How they live this fear? How they succeed to wake up every morning, to eat, to take a shower and to look in a mirror. Alone. Alone in her bed. Alone at her table. Watching alone a love movie.

This world is now like a mother crying.

This world is now learning from the biggest mistake of that stupid human being playing with life.

And in front of this pandemic, I am alone and you are too.